Divine Redeemer Choir meets a Boston and the results are amazing

As seen in the Winter 2016 edition of the Boston Chronicle


There were some great voices shyly seated in the pews of Divine Redeemer Catholic Church when a new Boston grand piano supplied just the right bit of inspirational coaxing.

Before acquiring a GP-193 from Schmitt Music in Denver, music was performed on an aging electric piano with uneven sound. “Many people did not attempt to sing,” says Choir Director Daniel Foster. “Since purchasing this piano, our 21-member choir is much stronger in supporting the congregation, and the congregation now actively participates in the music.”

The choir – practically relegated to singing the melody or two-part harmony over the years – is more willing to be pushed and work toward advancing their skills. “Overall, this instrument has greatly exceeded our expectations in the enhancement of weekly Masses,” he notes.

Barry Damerell, General Manager at Schmitt and a Music Minister at Divine Redeemer since 1992, remembers when the donated digital would completely stop playing for several minutes at a time, prompting quizzical looks.


The choir – practically relegated to singing the melody or two-part harmony over the years – is more willing to be pushed and work toward advancing their skills.


“We were fortunate when Father Brian Roeseler came onboard as our new priest and immediately recognized our needs regarding the quality of the worship service. Also, Daniel is a very accomplished choir director, pianist, and organist who understood the need for a new instrument.  When I explained to him the impetus in Steinway & Sons creating the Boston piano, he was intrigued,” Barry says.

The Boston GP’s wide tail design provides plenty of power that doesn’t require amplification. “The church holds several hundred people and being able to hear the piano in the back pew was a major concern. This is not a problem with the GP-193,” he asserts.

Using the Boston GP’s cut-out floor pattern to help determine the best fit for the allotted space, Daniel and Finance Manager Carole Heindel visited Schmitt Music to test several instruments. Technician Justin Holcomb from the Aspen Music Festival and School prepared the GP-193 “and it was quite obvious that Daniel and Carole fell in love with the Boston,” says Barry.

The new acoustic piano evokes a full range of emotions for Marjie Weldele. “It connects our hearts to our prayer and worship. The passion, joy, sorrow, repentance and praise of the song and the pianist invite us to worship and pray more deeply,” explains the principal of Divine Redeemer Catholic School. “That element of emotion and relationship with a song is just not there with an electric piano. We also have a greater amount of prelude or meditation music incorporated before and during Mass which encourages prayer, reflection, and reverence.”

And Father Roeseler couldn’t be more pleased: “I feel as if I am celebrating Mass with concert-like music. The sound is clean and crisp. This by far has been the best purchase our parish has made for our music department in decades.”

the piano with Steinway DNA

Whether dazzling at the concert hall, woodshedding in the practice room, or exploring the joy of music at home, the Steinway-designed Boston brings the genuine world-class tone and responsiveness within reach.

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